How to Reverse Changes Made with the cPanel Live Transfer Feature

The cPanel live transfer feature is a great way to move your site from one cPanel server to another cPanel server. However, follow this article if you need to undo changes that the cPanel live transfer feature made to the origin server.

Live Transfers involve suspending accounts on the source server and making service access available to the new destination server. This ensures that mail and web are redirected to the destination server, which typically involves updating MX records and DNS settings.

To revert any changes made by the cPanel Live Transfer, perform the following on the source server:

1/  Unsuspend the cPanel account

WHM’s Manage Account Suspension interface -> WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Manage Account Suspension

2. Manually unset the service proxies using the unset_all_service_proxy_backends WHM API call:

[root@root ~]# whmapi1 unset_all_service_proxy_backends username=$USER

3. Remove the dynamic content blocks in .htaccess with the following command:

[root@root ~]# /scripts/xfertool --unblockdynamiccontent $username

4. Remove the manual MX redirects that the Live Transfer option created. Run this command for every domain that used the Live Transfer option:

[root@root ~]# whmapi1 unset_manual_mx_redirects domain=domain.tld

5. Update the DNS records to point back to the source server. Point the A records for any proxied accounts to the source server.

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