How to install icecast-kh on Debian / Centova Cast V3 Server

Centova Cast

Icecast is an accessible, open-source streaming media server that can create and broadcast audio and video streams online. Icecast KH is an unofficial version of Icecast that adds various features and improvements. Here are the steps to install icecast-kh on Debian 11 / Centova Cast server : Step 1. Before upgrading the Webmin software, ensure … Read more

Fixing the Centova Cast Liquidsoap Mount Points AutoDJ Settings Issues

Centova Cast Mount Points have been impossible to modify AutoDJ settings and can’t be modified or saved. Eventually, get a Liquidsoap startup error “Stream could not be started: Application liquidsoap exited immediately after startup.” This minor issue can sometimes happen if Liquidsoap’s version was not correctly detected on an earlier update, initially set up, or … Read more

How to install Icecast 2.4.0-kh on CentOS servers

This tutorial explains how to install icecast kh13 streaming server on centos7 CentovaCast [root@nod log]# cd /usr/src wget tar -zxf icecast-2.4.0-kh15.tar.gz cd icecast-kh-icecast-2.4.0-kh15 ./configure make CFLAGS=”-D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600″ make install if this is a Centova Cast server you many need to run this to register a new package [root@nod log]# /usr/local/centovacast/sbin/enable_package ICECAST /usr/local/bin/icecast now you are … Read more