How to Enable Comodo ModSecurity Apache Rule Set in WHM/cPanel

Comodo ModSecurity rules for CPanel server, support both Apache and LiteSpeed web servers, easy to install, and managed from the Cpanel ModSecurity Vendors option. These rules do not make your server impervious to attacks, they greatly increase the amount of protection for web applications. It acts as baseline protection for common web application attack

let’s get started with Comodo ModSecurity Apache Rule Set

Login to your cPanel/WHM server.

Click the ‘Security Center‘ tab from the left menu, then ‘ModSecurity™ Vendors‘

cPanel modSecurity page

Click ‘Add Vendor‘ in the ‘ModSecurity™ Vendors‘ screen.

Add Vendor
In the ‘Add Vendor‘ page, Vendor Configuration URL : enter

cPanel modSecurity vendor add page

Input one of URLs depending on your web-server:

Comodo ModSecurity Apache Rule Set:
Comodo ModSecurity LiteSpeed Rule Set:

Click Load and then Save.

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